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On viewing 'view profile' :
(1) If you have not enough time for detailed analysis now, Please click 'tag' for listing in later evaluation at 'tagged profiles' in 'my home' OR
(2) if interested you can either click 'contact' to use address & phone numbers(on each click, 'contacts view left' will be minussed and once seen 'contact' is colour changed) or click 'send interest' to attract communication from them.

NB:Customers already having contact details(IN PRINT/MAIL from our office)need not click 'contact' to avoid your'contact view left' misusing.


Way to Perfect Matches :

The unique matching tools
on enables you 
to find your perfect partner.

Safe and Secure : offers you enhanced security features that creates a safe and secure platform for partner search.

Easy to use navigation :

An easy and convenient set of features allow you to manage your search results and communication effectively.

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